• Creating your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Online messaging development
  • Establish key parameters to reach your desired community, from consumer habits, to location, hobbies, and more
  • Create and utilize a branded hashtag
  • Comprehensive Digital Brand Guide for all social media, e-blasts, advertising and online marketing efforts


  • Identify technical platform recommendations for marketing departments
  • A clear plan for how to grow your social media presence
  • Receive a comprehensive evaluation of your active social media platforms, including identifying what your team is currently doing well and what needs improvement
  • A succinct marketing timeline to plan all digital strategies on a quarterly basis



  • How to effectively announce newsworthy updates via social media, e-blasts, blogs and digital advertising
  • Creating a digital-friendly press announcement targeting the media
  • Identify the most appropriate influencer marketing campaign and partners for your brand


  • Teaching your marketing team to view digital platforms through a PR lens
  • How to create an effective sound bite when utilizing Livestream platforms
  • Best practices and instruction to communicate your message via Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and YouTube Livestream
  • Learn to apply company brand voice to create cohesive digital marketing messaging, regardless of which team member is creating content


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