Top 5 Interesting Ways to Engage with Micro-Influencers


Micro-influencers (a.k.a. social media personalities with 1k-100k followers) are a great way to encourage interaction around your product or client. There are several great reasons why they’re important to utilize in a strategic way, and here were a few of our favorites via Later:
1. Micro-influencers tend to have more engagement than larger influencers:
Because these influencers have a lower following than say a Kardashian, their lifestyle is attainable. What they say about a product is trusted and isn’t completely out-of-reach for your everyday consumer. It will also save your business money, as larger influencers have a higher fee per post.
2. Easy to pinpoint an exact clientele for your product:
If you are interested in working with a micro-influencer, make sure they fit your brand. If you are a local restaurant, you wouldn’t want to use a fashion blogger to promote your food. Find a local foodie to promote your restaurant instead! You want to assure the people being reached are going to turn around and buy the product you’re promoting, not just give the photo a like.
3. Creates a local buzz: An easy way to encourage more interaction and sales is by staying local! Find a micro-influencer that is a native to your city that way they have a personal connection to the product your wanting to promote. That feeling will come across in their photos & captions, which will in turn push local consumers to your page.
4. Turn weaknesses into successes: Micro-influencers are a great way to take a part of your business, and flip it into something attainable and relatable for your audience. For example: If you are struggling with selling a specific t-shirt design, you could have an influencer take photos in the t-shirt, styled in an approachable way, and you can closely follow the growth of that design.
5. New content! Influencers can create important user-generated content (UGC) for your brand for close to no cost. If you sell iPhone cases and you send out a couple cases to popular influencers, they can then style photos with those phone cases that you can screenshot or download and use on your feed! Don’t underestimate the power of a well-edited photo with great lighting and full of personality.

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