Why Your Nonprofit Should Be Blogging


It’s time consuming, can require many brainstorm sessions around appropriate topics and will always try your grammatical patience, but there are many benefits to blogging that can immediately aid your organizations marketing plan.

Just as with anything within your digital marketing plan, commitment is key. Take a look at the points below to understand why blogging on a regular basis is an important component to any strategy or campaign.

1.) Your Existing Audience Wants to Hear From You

While you may feel that your organization doesn’t have anything of note to blog about, your audience couldn’t disagree more. Through your diligent work with your digital marketing campaign, you’ve built a community that values the information you have to offer. Start with simple topics around your core mission to provide truly useful content.

2.) There is a New Audience That Wants to Hear From You

Blogging regularly can attract a new people who have yet to learn about your organization. Creating posts that are informative and topical can open the door to engaging with an audience that you may not have had the opportunity to otherwise.

3.) You Have Creative Control Over Telling Your Organizations Story

There are aspects of digital marketing, like social media, that allow for creative content control, but you cannot always control the comments or reaction from your community. Blogging is an important opportunity to act as the sole source for newsworthy announcements, setting the record straight on industry related topics, or storytelling. Once your blogging becomes regular, your audience knows they can depend on you for the correct information.

4.) Create Content For Other Platforms

Your own blog can serve many wonderful communication purposes and it can also act as a great source of content for your other marketing platforms. Include your posts in your e-blasts, post them on your organizations Facebook and more.

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