How to Articulate Your Mission Through Content


Everything your nonprofit or mission driven organization does is in an effort to achieve a goal to help others, assist communities, make a positive impact, inspire change and more. Articulating this mission through your digital marketing techniques is essential to authentic and effective content. The more comfortable you and your team become with using various graphics, images and video to discuss the narrative at the heart of the organization, the stronger your marketing results will be.

Here are three important tips to consider when creating content that best represents what your organization is truly about.

Incorporate Your Community

Sometimes your mission is best told through the people who work for, with or benefit from your organization. By including spotlight posts on standout volunteers, or even progress reports on upcoming projects that your community has a vested interest in, you are able to use your platforms as a way to not only market but also showcase the actual people making a difference.

Strike a Balance
While it may be easy to create content based on statistics or facts relating to your organization, this type of information in repetition is not effective. It is important to remember that you must have a diverse approach to content. Find a balance between content that highlights real information and storytelling so that your marketing platforms offer a validity to your mission.
Celebrate Success
Your community won’t know about your triumphs and successes until you tell them! Never hesitate to create content focusing on when a goal is met, an event is successful or a challenge is overcome.



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