Identifying the Marketing Goal of Your Nonprofit


Goal setting is an important way to continue to push your nonprofit or mission-driven organization toward new heights. Re-evaluating these goals often ensure that you’re making progress in a concrete way.

When identifying a new goal or set of goals, asking yourself the following questions can make it easy to hone in on an effective plan of action.

Who are you serving with your mission?

This should be the first step in setting any new goal. Truly knowing who or what your organization serves will open the door to other essential goal identifiers.

How do you serve them?

Does your organization provide a product to help those you serve? Do you provide resources or tools? Select one offering to focus on.

How could you serve them better?

Once you’ve selected the one resource, tool or product that you offer to those you serve, begin to research how you can it can be improved upon. This is where thinking on a large scale can help to push previous boundaries and will deliver an exciting new goal.


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