How Much Time Should You Be Spending On Engagement?


If time is of the essence and we’re only working with 24 hours of it in one day, then how much of it should we be putting into engagement on social media? The amount may surprise you.

Engagement as it pertains to social media is interacting with other organizations and thought leaders content as well as interacting with your own community on your own content. Comments, likes, messages, shares, following and any social media action that inspires a conversation are all a part of the engagement equation. The more you engage, the more likely your community and potential new community members will see your content.

Striking a balance between having a life offline and spending enough time online to make a difference in your digital marketing strategy can seem difficult. Don’t let the prospect of scrolling endlessly daunt you. Pick one platform to engage and then take it from there.

As with any good strategy, a measureable and manageable plan should be set into motion. Break down your time spent on engagement day by day:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 

15 minutes of engagement on Instagram

15 minutes of engagement on Facebook

Tuesday & Thursday:

20 minutes of engagement on Instagram

Saturday & Sunday:

Engage when and for as long or little as you’d like – it’s the weekend!

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