Blog Post Writing for Nonprofits


Writing an excellent blog post is crucial for increasing web traffic, communicating announcements and more. Include the 4 pieces below to create the perfect post.

Effective Title

Creating a strong title to the blog post is the first and most important tool in trying to get your community to click and read. Decide on something short, sweet, authentic and exciting.

Clear Call-to-Action

Every good blog post should have a clear purpose and in the case of most nonprofits, this includes a call-to-action. Whether you’re recruiting volunteers, bringing attention to an upcoming event or fundraising, utilize your post as a creative way to encourage our community to take action.

Include an Image

Don’t skip this step! Include at least one image in your post that makes it more appealing for people to share with their friends on their own social networks.

Tell a Story

Nonprofits and mission-driven organizations have a distinct advantage – there is always a story to be told within your digital marketing efforts. Don’t gloss over the good stuff just to get to the call-to-action. Tell the current story of your organization and don’t skip the details.



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