Lights, Camera, Go Live


Now more than ever it is important to understand how effective and helpful utilizing the Facebook and Instagram Live features are to your digital marketing strategy. While we may never be able to fully predict the next move in social media algorithms, we can implement complementary strategies to stay relevant despite the changes.

Livestreaming via social media platforms can be intimidating, but it is an exciting and direct way to include your community on relevant events, updates and announcements. Here are 3 tips to consider before going live on your organization’s Facebook or Instagram.

Rehearse your message, but don’t lose the personality of your organization. 

Preparing your overall message before going live is essential for clarity, but keeping the delivery conversational, relatable and authentic will be most beneficial. Scripts aren’t necessary.

Archive your livestream. 

After you’ve completed a successful livestream, don’t forget to save and archive the footage! Instagram and Facebook will both allow you to keep the footage on your profile for further sharing.

Respond to comments and encourage conversation.

Facebook and Instagram Live both include the option for your community to engage in conversation. Depending on the content of your message, it can be appropriate to respond to comments as they come in. If not, be sure to re-visit the comment section after the conclusion to offer answers.

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