Why Your Instagram Bio Matters


It may seem like an area of least focus in comparison to your content, but your Instagram bio is actually one of the most important parts of your footprint. Your bio has the potential to share pertinent information on next steps and actions your community can take, which means your social media strategy is working! Here are three things that you should include in your Instagram bio.

1.) Link(s)

It may seem like a no-brainer, but the link in your Instagram bio is crucial. This link can change as often as you’d like and doesn’t always have to send your community to your website. Switch it up when promoting an event and add the ticket link or maybe a blog post about a recent success or new team member.

2.) Hashtag

We spend a great deal of time curating content that encourages engagement with our community. Remind them of how they can join the conversation by placing your organization’s hashtag in your Instagram bio.

3.) Mission

What’s the mission or goal that your organization is trying to achieve? This can be tricky to craft for social media, but it’s imperative to a well structured bio.

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