3 Ways to Improve Your E-blast Subject

3 Ways to Improve Your E-blast Subject

Creating the perfect e-blast for your organization which spotlights upcoming events, calls-to-action and current news is only half the battle. The most important piece of the puzzle is the subject line. If your subject line is not compelling, your recipient will immediately trash your email, resulting in your hard work going to waste.

Here are 3 ways you can ensure that your e-blast subject line will entice your mailing list to click to open:

1.) Add an emoji.

Adding an emoji to your subject line is a simple and highly effective practice to increase your open rate. Use something that directly relates to your organization or the contents of your email while remaining friendly.

2.) Give it a personal touch.

Add the name of your recipient to the subject! Most e-blast clients offer this feature which makes it simple for your to address them directly.

3.) Keep the contents of your e-blast a secret!

If you’ve previously used subject lines that give your recipients a look into what the e-blast will be discussing, try eliminating all sneak peeks by keeping things under wraps. Here are a few examples:

  • We have exciting news to share! Open now!
  • The email you’ve been waiting for is right here.
  • We’ve got something exciting just for you!

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