Should Your Nonprofit Advertise on Instagram?


Don’t be intimidated by social media advertising. Instagram has an intuitive feature for boosting posts that can be easy to navigate for novices. If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, good news! You’re ready to try your hand at boosting a post on Instagram.

1.) Are you currently working on a direct call to action for an event, fundraiser or volunteer opportunity?

If you have a clear deadline for a call to action, you’re a great candidate for boosting on Instagram. Create a post with direct instructions on the action you need your community to take.

2.) Have you recently started your Instagram profile and are seeking your community?

Building brand awareness is an essential function of Instagram advertising. Boosting an Instagram post in conjunction with organic engagement can help you efficiently build an audience.

3.) Do you have a giant announcement to make?

If you’re launching a new program, have made a new hire or recently won an award, shout it from the Instagram rooftop! Boosting an Instagram post is a great way to expand the reach of your announcement while building buzz and excitement.

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