Social Media Trends to Watch in 2019


Getting a jumpstart on 2019? Here are three trends to consider when planning your social media strategy in the new year.

1.) Video

If you were wondering if you should still prioritize video content for your social media strategy in 2019, the answer is absolutely. Videos, Facebook and Instagram Live and movement-based posts will continue to afford you a creative way to connect with your audience while providing maximum results for engagement and views.

2.) IGTV

If you haven’t tried Instagram’s long format video option, consider starting in 2019. IGTV is an excellent way to host weekly Q&A’s or make an announcement without needing to worry about time constraints.

3.) Micro-Influencers

If you thought influencers were a fad, we can assure you they are a mainstay in social media. As social media influencers with massive followings continue to struggle with reach and engagement, micro-influencers with much smaller followings are creating more authentic content and action due to their devoted audience. Connecting with micro-influencers can mean creating partnerships with purpose.

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