3 Tips for More Effective Fundraising

If 2019 is the year your organization is determined to accomplish your biggest goals yet, chances are you’re also focusing on fundraising to help get you to the next level. Here are 3 tips to help boost your fundraising effectiveness.

1.) Use Visual Aids

Once you kick off your fundraising campaign, use social media and marketing images and graphics to show your community your progress toward your goal. This is a fun and exciting way to build buzz as you get close to hitting targets as well as a great tool for allowing your community to share content on your behalf to reach their own network.

2.) Be Specific

The most important part of any fundraising campaign is the why behind it. Be as specific as possible when letting potential donors know what their contribution will be going toward. Are you hoping to take an important trip? Raising funds for a new construction project? Creating a program to help serve your community? Communicating this to your donors is the best way to let them know if making a contribution to your organization aligns with their own goals.

3.) Send a Meaningful Thank You

It may seem like a no brainer, but remembering to say thank you in a timely way is essential to creating a connection with the people who matter most to your organization. Thanking donors for their specific contribution while giving them a look into how you will be using their gift is crucial. Taking the time to thank each individual can result in more yearly or even monthly contributions from your donor community. Don’t skip it!

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