How to Create Actionable Social Media Content

It takes more than just a great photo to effectively convey an action or request to your community. Don’t skip out on these 3 simple but often overlooked steps to ensure that your content will yield the results you’re looking for.

1.) Be as clear as possible.

Your audience is intelligent, but also incredibly busy. Make your request clear, to the point, and as concise as possible.

2.) Provide instructions and next steps.

It can feel strange and even uncomfortable at times be as direct as necessary when it comes to asking your community to take an action. There is no reason to feel sheepish. Your network wants to help you – tell them exactly how they can do so.

3.) Include a link or direct contact information.

The most important part of creating social media content with a call-to-action is providing the action you want people to take! This can often be the most overlooked item in an effective social media post. After you’ve taken time to explain the why behind the action, don’t forget to post the link or direct information they need to follow instructions.

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