Why Your Hashtag Matters

It should come as no surprise by now that your organization’s unique branded hashtag is an essential part of your marketing strategy. Everyone has one, but not everyone understand why utilizing it is crucial to digital marketing success. Here are 3 reasons to prioritize your distinct hashtag.

1.) Conversation

By using and encouraging others to use your unique hashtag, you’re facilitating conversation among your community. Hashtags provide commonality and a way for your network to communicate, regardless of their location.

2.) Organization

Hashtags provide an organized approach to not only the information your team distributes, but also the content your community shares. By clicking through a hashtag, all of the exciting posts are in one place, creating your own little corner of social media.

3.) Engagement

By searching your hashtag regularly you enable the ability to engage and interact with your community. By liking a post or answering a question on a post that has used your hashtag, you’re facilitating the most important part of using social media – making connections!

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