Be Consulting is a marketing consulting agency specializing in the nonprofit sector. We believe that exceptional marketing is the key to accomplishing the extraordinary mission of each nonprofit. Every organization has a story, and we’re passionate about uncovering your unique narrative.

We’re experienced.

We create innovative marketing plans and train your team on how to implement each and every component. Our plans are manageable, measurable, and completely custom. You have the mission, we have the expert tools with proven results. We provide the most comprehensive marketing roadmap to help you navigate communication with donors, sponsors, partners, and community. Our expertise is unmatched and our passion for progressive marketing is unparalleled. 

Together we’re unstoppable. 

We hear it every day from nonprofits in every sector – there isn’t enough time, there aren’t enough people, and resources are too limited to focus on creating and implementing an effective marketing campaign. We understand that nonprofits face challenges that other businesses may never know, which is why we develop strategies specifically with nonprofit pain points in mind. Together, we can build a marketing plan that puts the power to succeed directly into your hands.

Our consulting drives action.

No one can tell the story of your nonprofit quite like you can. Your marketing should create action from your community and spark social change. Our marketing methods are proven and our ability to identify the unique characteristics of your organization will allow your nonprofit to rise above the noise. 

Let’s create the change.

The time to create the change for your nonprofit is now. Your mission is exceptional and your marketing should be as well. Click here to get started.

Jessi Ford Bacon, Founder


With over a decade of experience in effective marketing and PR, Jessi finds joy in identifying the unique and defining characteristics of each nonprofit’s special mission. Jessi seeks to uncover stories that become defining arcs within a strong marketing strategy and believes authenticity is the most important key.

Jessi leads innovative content strategy and tactical storytelling to help nonprofits achieve long-term success in growth and brand awareness. Jessi’s professional perspective coupled with a creative approach delivers a marketing strategy that aids in establishing a trustworthy brand. Jessi knows how to build bridges within a team to create an internal marketing powerhouse.

A graduate of Georgia State University with a B.A. in Journalism and a certification in event planning, Jessi worked with well-known PR and marketing agencies across Atlanta before co-founding BOFCreative in 2011. Jessi’s biggest drive is to help nonprofits dream big while maintaining their individual integrity and culture.

Christina Edwards, Founder

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Christina is passionate about helping brands articulate their unique, mission-focused story and grow an engaged, loyal community. Specializing in operations and project management, she understands what it takes to liaison between multiple departments, partners, stakeholders, and sponsors when auditing and creating marketing campaigns.

With over 15 years of marketing experience, Christina recognizes the importance of community engagement both on and offline. She works with her clients to identify high-level goals, create marketing solutions, and overcome any obstacles that are preventing each organization’s success.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Christina studied in New York City at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Georgia State University, earning a B.A.S. in Studio Art and a Business Minor. She resides in intown Atlanta with her husband and children, and enjoys hopping on the BeltLine’s Eastside Trail on the weekends, iced coffee in hand. 

She believes in the power of a clear, succinct message that compels a person, and ultimately a community, to band together and spark change. Some of her must-reads for nonprofit leadership include Finish by Jon Acuff and Brene Brown’s Dare to Lead.  


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