Case Studies

Social Impact
Georgia Food Oasis’ Potluck & Pitch Event

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Georgia Food Oasis is an organization dedicated to connecting and empowering Georgians to healthier ways to eat, cook, and grow local, fresh food through access, events, and education. As a collaboration between Georgia Organics and the Atlanta Community Food Bank, Georgia Food Oasis serves communities in Atlanta, Augusta, and Columbus. Potluck & Pitch, a community based event where groups pitch an idea promoting local food access are then given the opportunity for seed funding, was experiencing consistent challenges. We worked closely with all parties to create strategies to communicate the benefit for the event to each community, increase attendance, and event participation.

We work closely with Georgia Food Oasis within a multi-platform approach to increase awareness, attendance, and community support for their Potluck & Pitch events. Because each of the focus cities (Atlanta, Augusta and Columbus) host independent Potluck & Pitch events, we developed brand guides for each distinct city to include demographics, interests, areas of potential social change and more. By focusing on each independent community, we were able to more effectively reach these target audiences through key social media advertising, targeted e-blasts, and community driven events. The digital marketing strategy for Potluck & Pitch has been picked up by local media outlets and has also continued to spread organically throughout each community, boosting attendance at the events and group participation.

Mission Awareness
The Atlanta Press Club – Journalism Matters


The Atlanta Press Club is one of the oldest and most respected journalism organizations in the country with the mission to to serve the evolving professional, educational and social needs of the Atlanta media community. Amidst the current political climate, the Atlanta Press Club has found it challenging now more than ever to provide an environment for journalists to continue to advance the public’s interest in and understand of a free press. The Atlanta Press Club was seeking to promote awareness of the club and also increase new memberships while developing existing partnerships through the ‘Journalism Matters’ campaign.

We worked closely with the president of the Atlanta Press Club and board members to create a quarterly digital marketing campaign to increase membership and awareness of the Journalism Matters campaign. We implemented a dynamic video initiative to tell the story behind the journalists in the Atlanta community and launched a custom hashtag to help increase the reach while adding a viral component into the sophisticated campaign. The visual storytelling served as an aid in helping the public and potential new members understand the importance of supporting the Atlanta Press Club. Social media platforms, e-blasts, blogs and testimonials were all utilized to raise awareness for the Atlanta Press Club’s mission of elevating the voices of journalists and preserving the integrity of journalism.

Community Building
Ponce City Market Holiday Spectacular

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 11.02.15 AM Challenge:
After investing years into the renovation of the historic Sears, Roebuck & Co. building in Atlanta, Jamestown Properties unveiled Ponce City Market, a multi-use development complete with shopping, dining, and apartments. While the project itself revitalized a large building in the heart of the the city along the popular Atlanta BeltLine, it required careful communication, strategy, and engagement to include the surrounding community on all aspects of the project including construction, tenant openings, parking, and more.

We worked with Ponce City Market to plan and execute a holiday marketing initiative that not only excited the surrounding communities, but also included an effective digital strategy. Through utilizing social media to watch a must-see entrance by Santa Claus himself, we worked to create a viral component to a traditional holiday event. The grand entrance via zip line from Santa maximized Ponce City Market’s reach and brand exposure through capturing and creating a shareable, memorable event via social media. Careful planning of appropriate social media networks, hashtags, and advertising strategies were an integral part of success. Through consulting and planning Ponce City Market’s holiday event, it presented an opportunity to celebrate not only the new life of a historic building, but also an exciting new chapter for people living in the surrounding community.

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